Fraud Policy - NJ Registry for Childhood Professionals Serving Children
Birth Through Age Thirteen

Objective - The NJ Registry for Childhood Professionals ("NJ Registry") seeks to insure the accuracy and integrity of all information contained in its system and will review such information for fraudulent content.

Examination of Registry Information - NJ Registry staff will examine submitted applications, documentation, and information for fraud.  Examination will include cross checking dates of employment, education, certifications, and trainings; checking documents for evidence of physical tampering (i.e. white-out of signatures, dates, titles, etc.); and e-mailing current employer to verify start date of employment, current position, age group worked with, and salary.

Investigation - Upon review and determination that an applicant may have submitted fraudulent information, NJ Registry staff will commence an investigation and notify the applicant by certified mail.  The applicant will be required to address the alleged fraudulent/false information and furnish additional documentation. Information suspected as fraudulent will not be entered into the individual's profile, and a note regarding the suspected fraud will be entered into the individual's profile and folder.

Reporting - Upon NJ Registry staff reviewing all available information and completing its investigation, if it is determined that the applicant submitted fraudulent or false information, NJ Registry staff will consult with the Kean University legal department regarding notification of the applicant's employer of the submitted fraudulent/false information.  Based on the recommendations of Kean University's legal department, the individual's NJ Registry status may be revoked temporarily or permanently. If the applicant is also applying for financial assistance or participation in other Professional Impact NJ programs, the funders or sponsors of those programs may also be notified as advised by the Kean University legal department, and funding or participation may be denied.

Third Party Reports of Fraud -- A report of fraudulent activities by a third party must be submitted in writing.  Third party reports of fraud will be investigated as outlined above.