The NJ Registry For Childhood Professionals Serving Children Birth Through Age Thirteen

The NJ Registry is a statewide system that guides, tracks and recognizes the professional growth and development of individuals working in early care and education, afterschool and primary education. It keeps track of professional development achievements by maintaining confidential records for each individual who participates in the system. Participants will be approved at one of the ten levels of the NJ Registry Career Lattice, based on their education and experience.

The NJ Registry also issues Head Teacher, Group Teacher and School-age Program Supervisor approvals recognized by the Department of Children and Families, Office of Licensing. This approval meets the requirements set forth in the NJ Manual of Licensing Requirements for Child Care Centers.

Who should register?

The NJ Registry serves individuals who work at all levels in fields related to early care and education, afterschool and primary education, in many different settings.

  • Staff of child care centers, including teachers, aides and administrators
  • Head Start teachers, assistants and administrators
  • Staff of afterschool programs
  • Registered family child care providers
  • Kindergarten and primary school teachers, principals and assistants
  • College and university faculty in education, family development and related fields
  • Social workers, family workers, early intervention specialists and nurses
  • Resource and referral staff
  • Early care and education trainers and CDA advisors
  • Consultants, educators, and policy makers in early care and education
  • Individuals working in any early care and education, primary education, or afterschool program or service

Why should I register?

The NJ Registry Career Lattice provides a pathway for advancing in your career. By joining the NJ Registry, you will be assigned a level based on your education and experience, and you will know exactly what to do to advance in level.

The NJ Registry will help you keep track of your professional qualifications and experiences, including Family Worker training hours, Head Teacher, Group Teacher, and School-age Program Supervisor requirements, child care licensing annual training requirements and public school professional development. The NJ Registry keeps you connected to and supported by other professionals. Additionally, participants demonstrate their professional commitment since NJ Registry requirements are greater than state licensing requirements.

How do I register?

The NJ Registry application is now available online at The application must be submitted online. You must have a valid e-mail address in order to join the NJ Registry. As of January 1, 2013, no fee is required!

All required supporting documentation should be mailed to:

Professional Impact NJ/NJ Registry
Willis Hall, Room 300
Kean University
1000 Morris Avenue
Union, NJ 07083

What information will I need to complete the NJ Registry Application?

  • General information
  • Current employment information
  • Employment history in related fields
  • Documentation of education: College credits must have been completed at a regionally accredited institute of higher learning. If college education was not received in U.S., the transcript must be evaluated by a transcript evaluation service approved by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (find a list of evaluation services at Highest level of college work must be documented via official college transcripts (containing the college seal and submitted in a sealed envelope). Other college coursework may be documented by a copy of the official transcript or an unofficial transcript.
  • Professional development experiences
  • Other credentials and certifications

I’ve applied, now what?

  1. The NJ Registry staff will review your application.
  2. After your qualifications are verified, you may print a certificate or membership card that indicates your Registry identification number and your level on the NJ Registry Career Lattice.
  3. Your professional development record will be kept on file in the NJ Registry database for you to refer to as needed.
  4. All records remain confidential.
  5. You may view your records online at any time with your username and password.

You can use your NJ Registry certificate when:

  • Applying for a promotion or new position
  • Negotiating a salary increase
  • Documenting continuing education
  • Reflecting on future plans and career goals

How often should I update my registration?

  • Annually, no fee is required
  • If you move or change personal information
  • Upon new employment, promotion or change in job title

Benefits of the NJ Registry

The NJ Registry enables you to:

  • Access all Professional Impact NJ programs including financial assistance, Administrators’ and Infant/Toddler Credentials, and accreditation programs for both child care centers and family child care providers
  • Access your professional development profile online
  • Print a transcript of all of your submitted professional development trainings
  • Apply to become a Professional Impact NJ approved instructor of adults (ideal for directors who conduct trainings for their staff)
  • Apply for the Office of Licensing Group Teacher, Head Teacher and School-Age Program Supervisor approvals
  • Directors are able to keep track of their staff annual professional development records required by the Office of Licensing

What is on the Certificate of Recognition?

  • NJ Registry level
  • Number of years of experience you have in early childhood education, primary education, or afterschool
  • Number of training hours you’ve accumulated in the last five years
  • Any Office of Licensing approvals (if applicable)
  • Instructor status (if applicable)

How do I advance to the next level of the NJ Registry?

You must follow the non-credit and for-credit requirements set forth on the NJ Registry Career Lattice. Participants should submit all additional education, training and work experience to the NJ Registry at least annually. New certificates will be available online each time a participant reaches a higher level on the NJ Registry.

Do I need to do anything to renew my membership in the NJ Registry?

To renew, you must complete 20 hours of community-based (non-credit) education per year. A three-credit course in your field from an accredited college or university will also be accepted. The classes and content areas of study are your choice, but they must be relevant to your position.

Where can I register for community-based educational programs to progress in the NJ Registry?

Professional Impact NJ maintains an online Directory of Instructional Resources, allowing you to search a statewide database of classes. The Directory includes educational programs offered by resource and referral agencies, the NJ Child Care Training Program and other Professional Impact NJ approved Sponsoring Agencies. Professional conferences, seminars and other educational programs may also qualify.

What if I have additional questions?

The staff members of the NJ Registry are ready to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Call (908) 737-4293 or email for assistance.